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Current øbsession
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Levi's Meatpacking-PJCS

So recently got a new job. at the new Levi's-Premium Jean Community Shop.
Working now as an Assistant Tailor there, so come visit :)
We opened our doors this past October 26(?), but we just had our Grand Opening press party last night. the party was quite a success.
as for business, the tailor shop has been getting a handful of orders and been quite busy.
Here are Links to sites that made posts/photos on
our event

(heres one of the photos from this blog:"hypebeast">>myself at the table and master tailor, Tim, at one of our machines.)

(heres one of the photos from TWD>>myself at the table. you can really see the tailor shop section on the floor-with LVC's lined up behind the counter.)


  1. That's fucking awesome Yoko!!

  2. YOKOchan!!! riri dayo! :) I was wondering how you were doing after graduation. It seems like you got a lot going on! sugoine! omedeto! please tell me about what else you've been up to when I see you this winter, which I hope to do! :)

  3. O riri!! arigato~!! ganbattemasu!! are you back yet?