Current øbsession

Current øbsession
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

so it is MAY

Dear Bened(ist)s,

I've been very busy.
I decided to move out and settled onto the island, manhattan.
Its nice to be closer to my resources.

It has been very hectic settling in. But now i have some 'ME' time, its great.
Removing myself from the exact location where my father had fallen, has given me more air to breath in. Its been 1 whole year, but i still cannot come to terms with myself or how i should be dealing with it mentally. Moving and having a busy job has kept me preoccupied. if life wasn't hectic, i would most likely go insane. if i don't think radically and logically, i would go insane.

im very afraid

this has given me very unusual dreams. and these dreams seem to have worked its way onto paper. I just need to bring them to life with needles and thread. I need time. I want to live forever.

cupcakes , bus rides, spiral staircase, unfamiliar chocolates, snow, ice, frozen car doors....
frozen care doors.

sincerely yours,