Current øbsession

Current øbsession
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

new job.

dear all.

this wasn't what i had in mind after i graduate from fashion school studying design...
i wanted t JUST pursue my own label "Benedict Nation".. but i have seemed to diverge a bit.

i got a retail at Levi's to study how clothes is distributed to the public and into the hands of "real people". after all when you're dealing with high fashion models and buyers its not the whole picture. As the creator of Benedict Nation, I want to know EVERYTHING about this industry.

I worked at Levi's from August to December... but how every winter is bitter, I took my leave.
I coincidentally found my current job as Assistant Designer at "Olive & Oak". We are a women's contemporary brand. Its a full-time job so, please stop asking if i'm free weekdays... IM WORKING!!

my title as assistant designer had become very blurry at this point (just 2 months into the job). The Designer has taken permanent medical leave and the other assistant designer hired a week before me has been fired a month ago... and just to top it off with a sweet sweet cherry and whip cream, we fired the next one we hired.
that leaves just me and my technical designer... we're a small but productive team

I realized that i haven't been able put much time into my own creations so...
I decided to dedicate my weekends(sunday) to Benedict Nation.

I have gotten many requests for hand bags/leather goods and menswear.
so... keep an eye out for new designs coming soon!

and please keep yours eyes out for Olive & Oak/Pins & Needles at stores!!
Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie are one of our big buyers!!