Current øbsession

Current øbsession
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my First

it's my first ink and also a crude reminder of ones mortality.
"memento mori" written in the same font as my "Benedict Nation"
written over my left chest, to figuratively carve these words onto my heart.
red halo surrounds these words to eternally remain swollen.

Photo Update!

I have been working with the NYU (New York University) Fashion Club and supporting them with their runway project. Their "Rhythm Runway" was their charity fundraiser project that took place earlier this December(4th). Here are a few shots taken by Bharti Tiwari for their Ad campaigns.

Denim/chiffon bustier & Tartan tutu w/attached corset (location: Dumbo, NYC)

Cotton tulle/cotton voile "Straight Jacket" Shirt & stripe insert DBL pocket Pant
(location: New Orleans)