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Current øbsession
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally Over.

My 4 years at FIT just ended today with my senior collection class pizza party. We got our professor a huge bouquet of flowers.
My last week of school had been more than tough. I'm just really happy that i was able to finish through strongly without giving up. Lost someone very influential and important in my life, but I'm not ready to throw away all my efforts to mourn and become a vegetable.

A new chapter in my life is just beginning.
so many changes. everything different. everything I knew is gone.
I need time, but the world won't sit around and wait for me.
My family needs my support. They need me to keep them sane.
so for now... I need to keep what wants to come out inside my closet, and lock it away.
if I neglect it, it'll have no choice but decompose.

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  1. Hi Yoko!
    It's Jessie ^^
    Good luck Yoko, don't give in to the bad thoughts. You are talented and amazing :) You'll be fine ♥