Current øbsession

Current øbsession
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Saturday, May 01, 2010

excitement excitement

today i spoke with MAMUS creative agency Chief executive/creative officer. He agreed to take on my brand. VERY VERY EXCITED. VERY VERY EXCITED. i spoke to him about my plans after graduation and he's right with me. so hopefullly website/logos/copyrights/trademarks coming soon :) its gonna be a big project!

Also was able to chit chat with an Accountant. He specializes in small businesses. very excited. i can then consult with him about mine and my studio mates' company and how we want to organize this :)

Things are coming together and i'll soon be able to see a clearer picture of everything.

oh. yes and the follow up interview from the scottish contest seems to be on the 11th(correction). nervous about that.
My trip to Scotland is being planned out now, i just received emails about that. more excitement.
and for more press... my article in the local japanese newspaper is probably going to be next week-ish.

can't wait for everything

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