Current øbsession

Current øbsession
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Model Fitting monday

meeting my model tomorrow in the morning at 10 .. but they say i'm supposed to show up at 9am. Her shoe size is 6.5(us.womens) .. i hope she's not too petite. if she is too small i will have to fix the garment quite a lot (b/c they are tight fitting pants). at least the top is not a problem if she ends up being too small. I went to go look for shoes friday and sunday morning, this past weekend, to 9 different stores. Did not have too much luck finding shoes. the producer wants high heels. i ended up picking up a pair of platforms from michael kors. i thought the shoes had a "goth-loli" feel to them. i hope it looks fine with the outfit. we'll all see by tomorrow morning. i will be sure to take a picture of her in my outfit.
good night. i must get up at 7am.

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